Midsummer Night’s Dreams

Celebrating Summer Dreams with incendiary love, provocative topics, and fashion elegance, with a touch of subversiveness.

Updated 08:58 pm EDT, September 11, 2023

Published 09:42 pm EDT, August 3, 2023

Midsummer Night's Dreams is our Summer 2023 magazine edition.

Editor's Letter

Subversive. That’s what Alfonso said when he looked at the cover. Alfonso and I always plan for thoughtful, nonconformist, and provoking articles that can make a difference in someone’s life – no matter how big or small the impact is. And believe me, we indeed do things that move our hearts: for us, it’s pure passion. When I thought about summer earlier this year with Alfonso, I stargazed at Dreams. Personally, it’s the season when my fantasies come true (or not, like our Lost Dreams article). 

Perhaps it’s the long days, the heat in our bodies, the whimsical sense of youthful energy, or the extraordinary journey of chaotic enchantment and romance. Immerse yourself into our largest issue to this date, to our world of Summer Dreams, a charming fairy tale intertwined with incendiary love, provocative topics, and a blend of fashion elegance and extravaganza – an unforgettable feast for our senses and imagination. I hope this issue can resonate in your heart and that all your dreams come true.

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By Chantalle Litvak
By Chantalle Litvak
By Agathe Damas-Hottinguer
By Virginia Mayer
By Thierry Richard
By Manish Kumar Arora
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Ava Svobodová
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Karo Delgobbo
By Ibtissam El Azami
By Tamara Almeida
By Tamara Almeida
By Pomy Hailu

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