Adriana Carvalho: Her Dreams Are The Windows to Her Soul

Adriana Carvalho is a contemporary artist that immediately reminds us of the complexity of combining emotion and depth only through geometric patterns.

By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta

Updated 02:12 pm EDT, October 23, 2023

Published 02:37 pm EDT, August 13, 2023

Photography: Flávio Iryoda

On Watson Island,

in a lush waterfront restaurant, is where I met artist and DJ Adriana Carvalho. When I first saw her, she was framed in golden sunlight against the imperious Miami skyline, and dozens of yachts smoothly bobbing in the water. Her smile was infectious as she greeted me to show me her art and discuss her journey. Adriana is a multi-talented contemporary artist, a well-known DJ in the Brickell night scene, and a very talented painter. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and only recently came to the US to help broaden her perspective and introduce her work to new patrons. 

Adriana Carvalho, contemporary geometric artist opens up her studio for us. Photography by Flávio Iryoda.
Adriana Carvalho, contemporary geometric artist opens up her studio for us. Photography by Flávio Iryoda.

Adriana’s work is mesmerizing and founded in geometric lines and shapes. Her work is inspired by nature, mathematical patterns, organic forms, color, and joyous freedom. She told me geometry appeals to her with its order and overwhelming presence in nature and our environment. Adriana, through the use of geometry, tries to attain the symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity. She told me that in nature, we experience patterns, color, and a sense of wonder. And through her creativity, she wants to express that complexity in her paintings. 

Geometric Art

After all, looking at a snowflake or flower, you will see the hexagons, lines, and triangles, along with the magic inherent in life. Adriana uses geometric shapes and their proportions and perspective to illustrate reality and life. The complexity of her paintings also is an homage to the complexity of emotions and human feelings. Although a triangle or line might appear small and simple when created individually, Adriana combines these shapes to represent passion, depth, and complexity. 

That evening, she was highlighting a new painting titled “Listening.” It is a portrait of a young woman intensely looking out of the canvas. You are immediately drawn to the complexity of combining emotion and depth while only using geometric patterns. On hand was another piece titled “Fragment II.” This is where she used triangles, color, and shading to create an organic image seemingly popping out of a black background. Adriana can infuse what are typically mathematical lines and angles with enigmatic feelings, and she does it with panache. Adriana told me, “I felt an artist was born, and from my earliest memories, that is all I could ever become.” She started passionately drawing at a young age and kept at it until she began to be noticed by the Brazilian art scene. 

"Listening", by contemporary artist Adriana Carvalho.
"Listening", by contemporary artist Adriana Carvalho.

Her Art

Along the way, Adriana became a DJ, a fashion designer who creates wearable art, and is known as an interior stylist creating some lovely innovative decorative pieces for her clients. Adriana loves to upcycle denim and has combined her art to decorate and elevate jean jackets into walking art. One of her favorite styles is to paint geometric symbols along with one of her slogans representing her attitudes towards life, such as “Have Music in Your Life.” 

Adriana uses different techniques in her work depending on the medium. Her paintings are typically oil on canvas, using linear shapes and vibrant colors to represent life. At the same time, her clothing designs are more freeform and monochromatic. Adriana imbues her fashion with multiple verbal expressions and shapes, demonstrating freedom in choice and love. In addition, we also learned about her work as an interior designer and creator of innovative furnishings. She loves combining organic shapes and flowers with contemporary metallic work such as enormous, handcrafted chandeliers installed in some of the hottest boutiques in Brazil. 

"Fragment II", by contemporary artist Adriana Carvalho.
"Fragment II", by contemporary artist Adriana Carvalho.

A New Beginning

Adriana had achieved success in Brazil with her work, but as she constantly pushed herself, she knew she had to come to the US to get more exposure to her work and continue learning. She told me that she must constantly advance herself and her artistic endeavors. Adriana doesn’t consider herself only a painter. Even though she is a dedicated drawer, she also expresses her taste in music, clothes, and interior design on top of her visual art. 

Adriana told me, “I cannot stop. I feel that I must continue to see and learn new ways to express myself.” She is supremely passionate about creativity and her freedom of expression. This drive is the main reason for her love of travel and, of course, her move to the US to continue challenging herself and her creativity. 

In the US, Adriana has been tireless in showing her pieces at multiple art galleries and art shows these past few months. She has enjoyed immersing herself in Miami’s international art community. She told me that the art scene in Miami is profound. Adriana was surprised at how art is essential for life in Miami, one of the many reasons she loved moving there. Adriana cleverly combines her work as a DJ with displaying her art and fashion to ensure she gets exposure. She is tireless and should be admired for her commitment to art and the freedom to express her ideas.

What's Next

What was impressive about Adriana was her sincere, friendly personality and artistic passion. Reviewing Adriana’s past work, you can see she is diversely talented, and her contemporary artwork is intriguing. All that, combined with her genuine kindness and curiosity, makes Adriana someone to watch. What is fascinating about Adriana is her intellectual curiosity and her readiness for new adventures. 

As the evening ended, Adriana smiled at me as the sun set and cool ocean breezes fluttered her hair and said, “At last, I learned not to compare myself to others, only to myself. With whom I was before and who I am today. Trying to be better than I was before. But above all, loving myself for who I am, with respect and without fear of being happy.” She is looking forward to concentrating on her paintings and showcasing them at upcoming art fairs throughout South Florida this summer. Adriana told me her adventure has just begun in the USA. She has loved meeting new patrons and, more importantly, showing off her creative abilities. She loves reinventing herself, and this is only the start of a recent successful phase for herself. More is to come.

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