Updated 12:18 pm EDT, April 9, 2024

Published 09:54 pm EDT, October 26, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Barcelona Fashion Week 32nd Edition: Day 3

By Ava Svobodová

Witness Day 3 of Barcelona Fashion Week: Lemachet, All That She Loves, Nathalie Chandler, Outside Division, Amlul and much more!

By Ava Svobodová

Updated 12:18 pm EDT, April 9, 2024

Published 09:54 pm EDT, October 26, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

080 Barcelona Fashion Week: 32nd Edition

On Day 3 of Barcelona Fashion Week, we witnessed a testament to the diversity of creativity within the fashion industry. Without a doubt, heritage and innovation coexist harmoniously. My senses were kept hostage, foreshadowing an exciting continuation of Barcelona Fashion Week.

  • Outsiders Division embodied eccentricities and preppy-punk style, juxtaposing conflicting elements and highlighting a celebration of the eternal youthful spirit.
  • Nathalie Chandler repurposed textiles from recycled materials in an eco-conscious luxury initiative. 
  • Dominnico fused Japanese culture, Steam Punk, Metaverse, and craftsmanship creating a juxtaposition of innocence and edginess.
  • Lemachet centered on the search for creative inspiration, emphasizing redirection, reconstruction, and innovation. 
  • All That She Loves drew inspiration from the Mediterranean beauty of the northern Costa Brava.
  • Amlul paid homage to womanhood, featuring versatile designs adorned with a rich array of floral motifs. 
  • Como la Trucha Al Trucho brings inspiration from Palm Springs, California, focusing on retro aesthetics and pastel colors. 

Outsiders Division: Extraordinario

They say that the work reflects the character of the author. In this new episode of Outsiders Division titled Extraordinary, creative director David Méndez Alonso displays the manias and obsessions in 36 looks. Nonetheless, this collection brings opposing elements and combines them to form a constant mix of conflicts and aesthetics that harmonize with each other.

David’s designs for Extraordinario are full of references from popular culture, the underground, and contemporary art. A series of garments that reinforce his “Preppy-punk” style in a collection that is revealed as a celebration of that grandfather who has not yet grown up. As a result, reinforcing again his obsession with the contradictory.

Among the garments in this collection we can see tulle skirts, classic sweaters and cardigans. As an illustration, a bag made of ceramic and a long list of colors that make up an almost infinite palette. The extraordinary and the unusual continue to be the foundations on which Outsiders Division works to create garments in which all misfits can see themselves reflected. Our imagination is extraordinary.

Nathalie Chandler: Urban Elves

Nathalie Chandler is breathing new life into recycled garments at Barcelona Fashion Week day 3, including fur coats donated from the 1920s. Additionally, textiles made from recycled materials, and leftover fabric stock. This sustainable initiative goes beyond mere fashion. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to upcycling and reducing waste. At the same time, it celebrates the craftsmanship behind each piece.

In a challenging environment, Nathalie Chandler travels towards a more eco-conscious luxury fashion industry. Henceforth, a neverending journey that commits to the brand’s constant dedication to sustainability.

Dominnico: Maemuki

The Maemuki Spring 2024 collection takes us to the next level of the Dominnico’s community. The influences of Japanese culture and the inspiration of urban tribes such as the Gyaru and the Sweet Lolitas are used by Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro, the label’s creative director. Once again, Domingo addresses his creative universe from a diverse, free-viewpoint in which different trends coexist with the digital era. For example Steam Punk, the Metaverse, craftsmanship and upcycling, the Kawaii aesthetic, and the sweet color schemes that are so typical of the label.

A set of powers is established concurrently, a provocative play between naivety and hardness. Comparatively, collecting emblematic pieces from the previous collections and introducing others. As a result, elements of classic lingerie, such as pleats, ruffles, ribbons, and lace, coexist with others. Even if these would be more typical of BDSM, such as harnesses, vinyl, heart-shaped buckles, and metal appliqués and trimmings.

The primary materials of the proposal are recycled denim, leather, fur, and lycra. Regarding color, Dominnico uses milky tones, white, and silver.

Lemachet: "I am, but"

Lemachet brought “I am, but,” a collection based on the search for situations that make you feel more creative. Unquestionably, man is limited to himself, and all artists fear an empty picture. To that end, a blank canvas, the muse. Therefore, it is why “I am, but” is based on redirection, reconstruction, and restarting. It defines a new direction that men’s fashion is to take.

Creativity can be imaginative and whimsical but also innovative and inventive. Based on the “SAMO” (The same old shit) concept, Lemāchet proposes reinterpreting traditional tailoring concepts. With this in mind, it brings new cuts, shapes, and materials. Despite being previously linked to a traditionally male part, these are combined to give an innovative, modern touch to men’s tailoring.

All That She Loves: The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the new SS2024 collection by All That She Loves presented during day 3 of Barcelona Fashion Week. A very Mediterranean proposal inspired by and located on the northern Costa Brava, at Cap de Creus lighthouse and Cadaqués. A protective lighthouse, a solitary building on the horizon above the steep cliffs of Cap de Creus, heralds the image of the new SS24 collection that Clara Esteve has designed.

Glints of light on a rough sea, the pastel shades of sunrise. The humid, sometimes misty afternoons. The soft joy of the midday sun. The nights are full of endless constellations. These are postcards of the Costa Brava, within the essence of a brand that, among pine groves and disordered stones, builds a DNA that smells of pine tar and salt. A sheltered woman. Hospitable, enthusiastic, welcoming, vital. A bright guardian of her own light: the sparkling lighthouse of All That She Loves.

Amlul: The Secret Garden

Amlul created versatile designs that celebrate the beauty of womanhood for Barcelona Fashion Week day 3. Peonies, lilies, bougainvilleas, lavender… The Secret Garden is a new collection of colors and countless shades. It is so intense that it will transport you to a world where garments speak their own language.

Como La Trucha al Trucho: Uhlalá Resort

Uhlalá Resort is a collection inspired by Palm Springs, one of the most magical places in California. Como la Trucha al Trucho Studios divided it into three unique blocks. At first, it approaches the destination and appreciates its retro aesthetics and pastel colors. Notwithstanding, the organic forms of its architecture, surrounded by an environment full of palm trees.

In the second place, we are brought into Uhlalá resort and all its characters. It is characterized by a combination of prints and plain colors. Also, we allude to a tiki aesthetic, as it is present in the decoration of Palm Springs. In the third place, we experience an explosion of color, and in the blink of an eye, we are delighted with the night, cocktails, and parties.

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