Updated 06:12 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Published 04:40 pm EDT, October 24, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Barcelona Fashion Week 32nd Edition: Day 1

By Ava Svobodová

080 Barcelona Fashion Week day 1 brings you a fusion of modern avant-garde and classic elegance with sustainability message - don't miss it!

By Ava Svobodová

Updated 06:12 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Published 04:40 pm EDT, October 24, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

080 Barcelona Fashion Week: 32nd Edition

Day 1 of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week burst onto the scene with an electrifying fusion of modern avant-garde and classic elegance. The runway started with a positive sustainability message. Overall, it was lit up with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures as designers showcased their vision for the upcoming season. 

With sleek silhouettes and intricate structures, there was no shortage of sartorial innovation to behold. The fashionistas in the front row couldn’t get enough, with whispers of admiration and excitement filling the air as each look sashayed down the catwalk. 

Day 1 of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week set a high bar, promising an exciting week ahead where creativity and style converge in the heart of this vibrant Mediterranean city.

080 Reborn: 2nd Edition

The first 080 Reborn impacted everyone with a collection created with clothes 100% recovered from second-hand shops and waste sorting plants. Now in this second edition, it reinvents itself in terms of contents and forms of expression. The 080 Reborn wants to spread a message in favor of reuse. Under the leitmotiv of minimizing the resources we consume and reducing toxic waste, the new 080 Reborn will allow us to connect with ourselves and each other on the road to a sustainable world.

Simorra: Echoes of Nature

Echoes of Nature is the collection that SIMORRA presents this FW24 season for Barcelona Fashion Week. A poetic composition expressed through fabrics, textures, and folds inspired by the creative force of nature. FW24 by SIMORRA aims to capture in its garments as if they were waves of an echo, the fleeting beauty of the landscape shaped by the various sounds of nature.

The Artelier: Cuando la Noche Vuelve

The Artelier presented “Cuando la Noche Vuelve”, or When the Night Comes Back. “Our collection draws inspiration from the latest presentation on the runway of 080 Barcelona, where time was the guiding thread. However, we go beyond envisioning a new era. In the eternal cycle of time, when the night comes to its end, and the last sigh fades away, a parenthesis of NOTHINGNESS opens up, a moment of emptiness where the world seems to pause. Nevertheless, in this moment of stillness, everything is reborn. The night turns into a new opportunity. A new era emerges before us.”

Escorpion: Scents of Women

Scents of Women is an ode to the contemporary woman’s elegance, creativity, and naturalness. Above all, with a touch of sophistication always present in the Escorpion brand. A collection where the passion for knitwear stands out. Skillfully fusing traditional techniques such as intarsia and Jacquard to create exclusive garments to create exclusive garments.

Escorpion plays with textures and superimposition, designing more avant-garde silhouettes. The vibrant hues of exotic flowers inspire the color universe. Betting on a palette of bright colors for summer evenings and at sunset, dive into a combination of neutral and metallic colors. In conclusion, Scents of Women invites you to feel free, discover feminine power, and enjoy being yourself.

Lola Casademunt by Maite: Motel Arizona

Route 66 is the starting point for the new proposal of Lola Casademunt Spring/Summer 2024 season for Barcelona Fashion Week. Colors such as turquoise, green, and fuchsia – the brand’s DNA color. Above all, these colors fill the collection with life and energy. A journey that the brand takes from the vintage motels of Tucson. Passing through the desert with garments in toffee and earth tones that emulate the arid shapes of this environment. Fluid georgette dresses with maxi snake print, blazers in iridescent fabrics that mimic animals like the chameleon and mini trenches in rustic fabrics like canvas. 

A trip that reaches Las Vegas, where the neons and lights of the city inspire you to create garments. Like paillette pencil skirts with matching accessories and total layered looks with mini shorts. The contrast of the desert with the big cities makes up the perfect collection for the next season.

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