Updated 03:27 pm EST, February 28, 2024

Published 09:11 pm EDT, October 25, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Barcelona Fashion Week 32nd Edition: Day 2

By Ava Svobodová

080 Barcelona Fashion Week day 1 brings you a fusion of modern avant-garde and classic elegance with sustainability message - don't miss it!

By Ava Svobodová

Updated 03:27 pm EST, February 28, 2024

Published 09:11 pm EDT, October 25, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

080 Barcelona Fashion Week: 32nd Edition

On Day 2 of Barcelona Fashion Week, we witnessed a testament to the diversity of creativity within the fashion industry. Without a doubt, heritage and innovation coexist harmoniously. My senses were kept hostage foreshadowing an exciting continuation of Barcelona Fashion Week.

  • Cherry Massia’s collection draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Psyche, exploring the union of the soul and love through a heroic journey. 
  • Lebor Gabala’s combined timeless elegance with lively essence, enhancing natural beauty and embodying the spirit of an unforgettable summer. 
  • Paolo Leduc created a unique silhouette that reflects the designer’s Spanish and French roots and the interplay of light and darkness.
  • Custo Barcelona merged creativity and innovation with functionality, reflecting comfortable design through a play of volumes and lines while maintaining seductive metallic and shiny shades. 
  • Carlota Barrera’s Core Collection symbolized a sustainable and timeless expression of clothing designed for the modern-day time traveler. In summary, I cannot wait for the days ahead.

Cherry Massia: Eros and Psyche

Inspired by the homonymous Greek myth, Cherry Massia presented a collection on the union between the soul and love. It undeniably reflects the idea that this cannot be found outside but inside us. Through the figure of Psyche, who embarks on her own heroic path, an evolution is presented that develops concepts such as femininity, the descent to the underworld, and the connection with spirituality. 

The character is seen as a heroine in her own right, where the power to create her own destiny is more closely related to a process of inner conquest than to war. Thereafter, changing the concept of the heroic roles and building a metaphoric progression of the soul’s struggle in its search for self-love and for life. 

Colors such as cherry red, black, off-white, or silver grey evoke love, sacrifice, the power of creation and destruction, serenity, passion, and harmony between the psychic plane and the material universe. Pieces, therefore, converge and move between structure and flow, with elements inspired by corsetry readapted to a functional aesthetic, cut-out details resulting in organic and gathered shapes that fit the body to give a powerful, sensual, and ethereal silhouette.

Lebor Gabala: Mai Tai

Lebor Gabala presented for the next SS24, the Mai Tai collection on day 2 of Barcelona Fashion Week. The proposal mixed the timeless elegance that characterizes the signature with the vibrant spirit of exotic cocktails in garments that enhance natural beauty. Taupe, sand, and grey, along with vibrant colors, capture the essence of Mai Tai. In particular, in crinkled silk and velvet devorée fabrics, floral prints are depicted in garments that herald an unforgettable summer. 

Premium materials, high-quality finishes, and details are hallmarks of Lebor Gabala, and this collection is no exception. Tops, skirts, and ruched dresses in jersey with sophisticated volumes that add a special touch. As well as knitwear with metallic effect a second skin. Without forgetting the infallible basics, Lebor Gabala has created a 100% cotton line with different finishes in sweaters and tops. Without a doubt, they round off the collection and claim for a sunset.

Paolo Leduc: Contraband Goods

With this new collection, Paolo Leduc reinforces the brand’s DNA. With the attention to tailoring, craftsmanship, graffiti, rock & punk culture as a brand pillar. At the same time, it emphasizes the hybrid between tailoring/couture/rock/streetwear. Additionally, Paolo Leduc reinforces respect for the aesthetic of Mexican gang culture along with the figure of the “cholos” and “Vatos Locos.”

Paolo Leduc re-distorts the classic forms of tailoring, deconstructing garments, using digital printing with the “trompe l’oeil” technique, and manipulating fabrics. For this reason, it reinforces a take on silhouettes. Everything was based on the inspiration from the origins and multiple facets of the designer. On the one hand, his Spanish Roots draws on the most baroque essence and excess. And on the other, his French roots reflect a more classic side and artisanal work. Between sun and shadow, light and darkness, this energy fuels the designs and DNA of the brand.

Custo Barcelona: Welcome to the Other Side

Custo Barcelona continues to excel with its latest collection, “Welcome to the Other Side,” presented at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week day 2. Creativity and innovation are the other side of a functional collection, which is aesthetic and comfortable. Volumes and lines are the parameters that, along with the fusion of the materials chosen, form the sought-after innovation. The oversized quilted anoraks with a metallic appearance yet with very soft fabrics are pieces that do not listen to classifications. Along with dresses with openings, asymmetries, and architecture yet to be defined. 

The proposed oversized trousers and miniskirts combined with experimental tops seek to trigger emotion in the self-assured woman. The reaffirmed color genetics create a winter proposal without waiving the seductive metallic and shiny shades. Equally important, they ensure color that plays a desirable leading role, even in the winter. Ankle boots or calf-length boots remarkably complement the collection.

Carlota Barrera: Core Collection

Evolution knows no rest, boundaries of gender gently dissolve, and identities effortlessly blend into a progressive synergy. Carlota Barrera’s Core Collection re-emerges as a timeless testament to sustainability. The wardrobe was curated for the modern-day time traveler. To that end, a voyager who effortlessly navigates the realms of past, present, and future. The Core Collection not only defies the constraints of nostalgia. Instead, it roots in the present, boldly declaring a manifesto of fluidity. 

Carlota Barrera paves the way ahead, envisioning a world where clothing catalyzes transformation in an ever-shifting landscape. The collection stands as a testament to the core values of Carlota Barrera. A celebration of diverse identities, an homage to trans-seasonal adaptability, and a promise of enduring relevance. It’s the fusion of consciousness and enduring value. With this in mind, it’s an investment in the present and the future, a lasting tribute to the ever-evolving journey of identities.

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