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Updated 04:00 pm EDT, September 1, 2023

Published 01:00 am EDT, May 22, 2023

Editor's Letter

Confident, strong, and resilient. Their unique set of virtues are a constant reminder that women can overcome the most significant challenges and achieve everything they want with much success. Their empathy, creativity, and passion always inspired me. It’s one of the reasons that I started this magazine back then – it’s an homage, after all. I could mention the names of so many. On this issue, we chose to celebrate the leadership of Charlene Parsons, the passion of Pam Weller, the determination of Alicia Cervera, the resiliency of Ukranian women, the talent of Mena Lombard. We also bring new editors on board to share their global perspectives: Fahimeh Debashi (Iran), Pomy Hailu (Ethiopia), Thierry Richard (Switzerland), and Nadiia Chernovil (Ukraine). You may notice the word Feminism many times throughout our articles. Feminism has nothing to do with being courteous and chivalrous – it’s about justice and equality of sexes. I, too, am a feminist.

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