Embracing Strength: Tesliuk Valeriia

Meet Tesliuk Valeriia, the 22-year-old Ukrainian sensation, breaking boundaries with her exceptional talent and artistic brilliance.

By Liubov Lavreniuk

Updated 08:26 pm EDT, September 1, 2023

Published 12:02 am EDT, April 18, 2023

Photo Courtesy: Tesliuk Valeriya

Being a woman is not just a priceless treasure but also a great responsibility in all aspects of life. The year of the war gave me a clear understanding that one should not neglect one’s purpose and must fulfill one’s role with dignity.

With the outbreak of the war, you can meet women on the streets more often than men. But these women have not lost their spirit. Nearly all of us immediately went to the volunteer centers, bonded, and began preparing support for the soldiers at the front lines. Women are the reliable main rear, and we all realize it. The victory also depends on us. All the while, we balance work, family responsibilities, and volunteering efforts.

Photo Courtesy: Tesliuk Valeriya

At the beginning of the war, I was also actively engaged in volunteer activities since I practically lost my job in the first months. Later, I had more opportunities to work and was looking for ways to increase my income. I have been working on a personal project for almost a year, and right now, I am launching a very relevant product today – candles made of natural wax. During frequent blackouts, we all try to save on electricity use in any possible way. A candle is an element of decor that provides not only light and warmth but also a pleasant aroma in the home. Therefore, war conditions encourage action more than any other. If not now, when? The war not only taught us to go forward and continue to work diligently for victory confidently. It also impacted a woman’s perspective on her appearance. I often see more restrained outfits among girls, namely midi skirts and dresses, dark or pastel colors, and restrained makeup. Embroidery became very popular, and almost all elements of clothing or jewelry.

Therefore, making candles and supporting traditions inspired my friend and me to do a Ukrainian-style photo shoot. The glow of the candles and Ukrainian folk clothes are a combination that shows our indomitability even in the darkest times. These photos were meaningful to me because my friends at the front say that they are really happy to see us women strong and happy. This is what they are fighting for.

A woman embodies the strong spirit of victory. We stand behind all the soldiers with our prayers to God, financial support for the army, and volunteer assistance to our defenders.

Also, for me, a woman during the war began to be personified with a flower. It is a flower that does not wither. It is crucial for us to flourish and bring the beauty of this blossoming into the world. It is also a source of encouragement for those who defend us. They fight for us. Therefore, my friend’s next photoset with me was with flowers. A woman should inspire. The war taught me this.

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