Get Ready for the Corner Club!

Unleash your passion for creativity, music, and community in the lively atmosphere of Corner Club, where unforgettable moments come to life.

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The Corner Club and Ismael Trivino

The doors of “The Corner Club”, an upscale lounge, will open next Thursday, November 17th. Located in the financial district of Miami, this is a new place to enjoy in a unique and exclusive way the best beats, spectacular cocktails, and all the flow, glam, and magic of a great night out in The Magic City. From the same creators of Rosario, Candela, Tu Candela Brickell, Tu Candela Kendall, and Baru Brickell, The Corner Club is a new offering for night lovers who have a sophisticated and glamorous style.

The Corner Club opens its doors in Brickell

“We have worked taking care of every detail. From the visual, curating the brightness, the green and gold colors that surround the place while you enjoy an exquisite cocktail with your best company, to the perfect musical mix of rhythms, beats, and live experiences that will make you dance all night,” says Brian Mejía, owner and co-founder of The Corner Club,born in Cartagena -Colombia- with +20 years living in South Florida.

The opening of The Corner Club will feature a unique green carpet where celebrities, influencers, the media, and VIPs will have an amazing night. Our guests will enjoy a variety of drinks, from our old and classic dry Martini to our sophisticated gin tonic’s essentials, mezcal mule, or a refreshing, flashy mojito. A complete variety of traditional iconic cocktails mixed with the house’s flagship fusions will be the perfect complement for an unforgettable night.

The Corner Club will open its doors from Thursday to Sunday, from 11pm to 5am.

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The Corner Club
1250 S MIAMI AVE, MIAMI, FL, 33130

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