Vyshyvanka for a Soul

Vyshyvanka, an embroidered shirt, was a talisman used to protect or bring luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. You can now save lives and ease the pain of Ukrainians in need.

By Agathe Damas-Hottinguer

Published 06:10 pm EDT, April 14, 2022

Updated 02:09 pm EDT, September 4, 2023


FASHION: Save Ukrainian Soul
MODEL: Yaroslava Levandovska

Ukrainians are creative people with a rich culture and traditions. Historically, the Vyshyvanka, an embroidered Ukrainian shirt, was a talisman used to protect or bring luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. This talisman passed through centuries and has not lost its power or beauty for Ukrainians. Oftentimes, Ukrainian embroidery is also called “prayer without words.”

The embroidery practice in Ukraine is a rich and profound tradition passed down from generation to generation for centuries. For instance, every intricate design tells a story and holds a special meaning that reflects Ukraine’s beliefs, values, and history. From tablecloths to traditional costumes, many things incorporate delicate stitching work. Modern-day designers, however, have found new ways to showcase Ukrainian embroidery by integrating it into their unique designs. This has increased global popularity as people continue to appreciate Ukrainian embroidery’s exquisite beauty and cultural significance. Moreover, Ukrainian designers have encouraged people to embrace and cherish their heritage by infusing this ancient art form into various clothing and accessories.

Save Ukrainian Soul has collected Vyshyvanka and other works of craftswomen from different parts of Ukraine. Therefore, these donations are available for sale at auction. During these difficult times, many Ukrainians, sons, or husbands have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense. And now mothers, sons, and daughters are waiting for them alive. 

In conclusion, the digital auction has started at Save Ukrainian Soul’s site. You have a chance to bring joy and save a Ukrainian life.

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