Nina Torok's collection was inspired by the durability, utility and beauty of architecture.

The Flame of Hope

Enter in a realm of forgotten legacy and enduring human spirit. Look beyond desolation in Nina Torok’s collection inspired by architecture.

By Chantalle Litvak

Updated 12:21 am EST, December 12, 2023

Published 12:24 pm EST, December 13, 2023

Photo Credits

Fashion Designer: Nina Torok
Fashion School: THOS Fashion School of Design
Photographer & Retouching: Criss Gomez
Hair Stylist: Daniel Montero
Make-up artist: Mimi Perroni
Models: Lauren Mazzamaro, Brittany Depietto, Alexandra Rokanas

In the twilight of the world’s existence, commitment and perseverance re-emerge as protagonists during humanity’s final judgment narrative. By the depths of desolation, succumbed to its own demise, hope arose like ancient sentinels that guard a forgotten legacy of virtues. Together, they carry the ethereal flame of hope, the holy light that persists against these darkest hours. It’s the stubborn testament to the enduring human spirit that refuses to be extinguished. Nina Torok was inspired by architecture’s durability, utility, and beauty. 

Nina Torok's collection was inspired by the durability, utility and beauty of architecture.
Nina Torok's collection was inspired by the durability, utility and beauty of architecture.

In summary, Nina Torok’s collection drew inspiration from the exciting collaboration between the strong shapes of the infrastructure and the ever-changing soft shadows formed from the light. When two artistic forms come together, magic appears. Two worlds that pursue the same objective: playing with shapes and creating beauty without sacrificing functionality.

The Collection

Fashion & Architecture

There have been many moments in which fashion and architecture have come face to face. They have traced a familiar path from which to feed each other. Nina Torok explores the curves, the volume, and the need to create beauty added to the interest in new techniques that make technology a new springboard from which to create designs, until now unthinkable, are the typical ingredients both artistic worlds take.

We are at a point where fashion designers create architectural designs, and architects design fluid buildings. Two concepts that exchange each other, seeking that connection and inspiration, going beyond what, conventionally, belonged to the other. Fashion and architecture have also had the main objective of protecting human beings. That has been its essential purpose until new designs demonstrate the ability to go beyond the functional.

Nina Torok utilizes fashion and architecture to beautify something as basic as covering our body and having a roof that gives us shelter. These are not only visual languages. They are also related to certain concepts such as textures, proportions, volumes, and structures, providing answers to particular needs. In this collection from Nina Torok, we can see that fashion is the volume that envelops and enhances it. Architecture is a space that gives refuge to human beings.

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