Yuriy tells us about his teenager years and how it affected his life during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Teen Spirit: Yuriy

Teenage years brings changes, challenges and memories. Vladyslava tells us about her teenage years during the war.

By Liubov Lavreniuk

Updated 09:29 pm EDT, September 4, 2023

Published 07:21 pm EDT, August 7, 2022

Photo Credits: Yuriy

A Teenager and his Identity Crisis

As every single person knows, being a teenager has never been easy. By and large, in a couple of years, both your body and soul change so dramatically that it’s hard to keep up with. But despite all of the difficulties, I guess it’s one of the best parts of life. Every teen, I think, goes through this identity crisis. With no acceptance from their own family or society and psychological difficulties, of which there are many. The same applies to me. 

Not being the most self-confident person the world might have ever known has caused me some extra problems to the massive stuff I already had to overcome. But, people as they are, tend to find and share a piece of light even when there is complete darkness. So even though a teenage era may not be the most comfortable, I still found some ways to make it unique and exciting.

Yuriy tells us about his teenager years and how it affected his life during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Photo Credits: Yuriy

My Dreams

Since the age of 13, I’ve discovered my own subjects of interest and got an opportunity to dive into them. I have been learning several languages, which now are my university major. I also have traveled a little bit, and currently, I am even working in my preferred field. Surprisingly, I have decided who I would like to be in the future and have already started a way of accomplishing that dream. I have also made a massive amount of new friends and met lots of great people who have brought happiness and great memories into my life. To some extent, people for me are the ones who make my life better every day. And I cannot thank God more for meeting them.

Breaking my Identity Crisis

Although my life is changing rapidly and finally the way I have always wanted it to be changed, it didn’t use to be that good a couple of years ago. To be satisfied now, I had to work on finding a way to love and accept my body. My nature, and my own self. I had to endure the massive hate I felt just because I existed. These were the years of my breakdown when the whole world, as I thought then, had turned its back on me. Even my own family, in my opinion, was against me. From today’s perspective, I can say that parents and friends are the ones who can affect this whole thing. With unconditional love, support, and care, every human being would feel better. Even if you were a crazy little teen like I used to be.

The War

One more breakdown, maybe the hardest in my life, happened when Russia started the full-on invasion of Ukraine. My family and I moved three times during this period (twice within Ukraine and once to Austria). But as a result, we’ve returned home. For somebody else, it may seem strange, but for me, personally, war has proven once again that I am a strong person who loves my land and can’t imagine my life without it. Life taught me a little bit of responsibility once again, as now I realize that I cannot trust only myself, but my whole family relies on me.

So summing up, I’d say that being a teen for me is not about your age. It’s about changes and difficulties the world brings to you. It’s about getting in touch with the raw and unfiltered world and the people in it. And finally, it is about spreading your own strong wings, preparing for the flight of your life.

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