On Virtues and Vices

A personal and moral decision that we must make based on our values. What would you choose?

Updated 09:02 pm EDT, August 7, 2023

Published 07:21 pm EST, December 5, 2022

Editor's Letter

The world is becoming more selfish and extremist – much of the emotions get amplified by the freedom and limitless reach allowed by social media. I am not against our liberties of speech, but I wish many of us would understand that society needs a standard set of rules, etiquette, or ethics (whatever we want to call it) that guide our conversations. We must acknowledge that our words can have negative impacts on each other. But it’s just not in the digital world; I see much less politeness and kindness for others nowadays – we live in our solitary shells and forget how to live together in a respectful society. So speaking to our editors, I’ve tasked them to discuss about virtues that we believe are becoming increasingly rare (or more common, in case of vices) and discuss them at this year-end because this is the time we look back at what we have done, and set targets for the following year. Accountability, courage, teamwork, freedom, ambition, deeper questioning, endless love… What are you seeking in this upcoming year?

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