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In a State of Change

September 2022
At what capacity one can tolerate change, reflect and evolve in nature? Featuring Mena Lombard's Metamorphosis collection.

Editor's Letter

There are many things in life that I do not believe in. Yes, I am a skeptic by nature. But there is one thing I do firmly believe: that our destiny is defined by our own actions. And the journey ahead is not smooth and does not happen overnight – it is often an excruciating process. That happens because the real world is not what we imagine it is. To change our mindsets, have more success in our careers, and be a better person, we need to be continuously aware and quickly adapt ourselves. That’s why transformations are so significant; it’s when we genuinely understand our surroundings and take proper actions to modify what is not working in our lives. This issue is all about those changes and that long metamorphic journey we all go through at a certain point in our lives. Like everyone else, I also am in constant motion, evolving our publication for, hopefully, this world’s good.

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By Manish Kumar Arora
By Chantalle Litvak
By Chantalle Litvak
By Agathe Damas-Hottinguer
By Virginia Mayer
By Thierry Richard
By Manish Kumar Arora
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Ava Svobodová
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Alfonso de Hoyos-Acosta
By Karo Delgobbo
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