Fearless Frontier: The Courage to Innovate

Miami Fashion Institute at Miami-Dade College embraces the courage to innovate in fashion & showcase a bright future with talented students.

By Agathe Damas-Hottinguer

Updated 10:37 am EST, December 18, 2023

Published 08:30 pm EST, December 17, 2023

Featuring Fashion Designers from the
Miami Fashion Institute at Miami-Dade College

Hair & Make-up: Araceli Bravo
Models: Skye Bruan, Julia Donovan
Modeling Agency: Posche Models
Special Thanks: Oscar Lopez, TYLER MOLINARI
Photography: flávio iryoda

The fashion industry is agog to focus on individual creativity. After all, creativity is a foundational characteristic of any designer. But what about innovation? How does innovation play a part in the fashion design process? First, we must acknowledge that fashion is a forward-looking industry. We look at how students from the Miami Fashion Institute at Miami-Dade College approached the courage to innovate in fashion.

Edverson Raymonvil

AS in Fashion Design ‘23

Named after my favorite scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, my collection “twenty-nine eleven” reflects the promise of a brighter future. Aligned with our “Memory” theme, it serves as a reminder that amidst present challenges, we can find solace in the assurance of better days ahead.

Bianca Rosa Camargo

AS in Fashion Design ‘23

This fall collection titled “My Heart is in the Highlands” is inspired by the city of Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland. Each look includes a distinct wool plaid drawn from Scottish culture, reminiscent of my heritage. The collection is deeply influenced by the light academia aesthetic, a subculture that celebrates a love of learning, museums, libraries, and poetry.

Shlomoh Astete

AS in Fashion Design ‘23

My inspiration for my collection was based on the childhood memories of solitude. Being in solitude have taught me to find peace. Through this, I created a collection while considering texture, color, and pattern that convey solitude.

Courage to Innovate in Fashion

Fashion has grown and developed infinitely over the past years. The competition in the industry needs much more creativity and innovation on a global stage. A fashion design portfolio must focus on thinking higher than life, which builds creativity. To survive, fashion designers must keep up with social trends, economics, and technical improvements. Ultimately, innovation is vital for designers to attract new customers while creating dual value for the consumer and the profit for the designer. Although artistry is essential, innovation helps designers find and keep the commercial side of the fashion industry happy as well.

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