Updated 08:16 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Published 08:16 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Barcelona Fashion Week 32nd Edition: Final Day

By Ava Svobodová

The final day of Barcelona Fashion Week: Syndical Chamber, The Label Edition, Habey Club, Bielo_Oscarleon, Eñaut and Guillermina Baeza.

By Ava Svobodová

Updated 08:16 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Published 08:16 pm EDT, October 29, 2023

Photo Courtesy: 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

080 Barcelona Fashion Week: 32nd Edition

As the final day of Barcelona Fashion Week unfolded, the air was electric with anticipation. I found myself at the epicenter of creativity and style. Models glided down the runway in a mesmerizing display of innovative designs, each piece a testament to the designers’ unique vision. Colors, textures, and silhouettes formed a visual symphony, a breathtaking crescendo to a week filled with sartorial marvels.

  • Syndical Chamber’s collection offered a diverse range of descriptive social archetypes with altered volume and trimmings. Ultimately, the brand questions the pursuit of novelty in fashion. 
  • The Label Edition embodied fashion elegance and emphasized the feminine silhouette and sensuality while introducing versatility and sustainable materials. 
  • Habey Club explored the theme of new beginnings and love, the uncertainties of the unknown through broken hearts and prints resembling endless horizons.
  • Bielo_Oscarleon embraced the nomadic lifestyle to explore the wilderness and see where the adventure takes them.
  • Eñaut debuts its ninth collection, expressing a sense of impending hardship and uncertainty in the face of an unknown future.
  • Guillermina Baeza beautifully captured the freedom of the California coast lifestyle with an explosion of colors and craftsmanship.

Syndical Chamber: Who the Fuck Gives a Shit

Syndical Chamber amused us with a compendium of descriptive looks of different social archetypes on the final day of Barcelona fashion week. The first thing to remember is that everything went through an alteration of re-interpretation of volume and trimmings. Haute couture pieces with enveloping structures and different codes, from fun tailoring to sophisticated work gear-clothes.

The collection contrasts zero-sustainable utopias, such as the American dream and the repressive dictatorship of North Korea. For this purpose, it relativizes the need to look for novelty. In defense of contradiction and the right to be wrong, we could be talking about very well-done shit. Yes, Syndical Chamber, we have to agree: who the fuck gives a shit?

The Label Edition: Alterity

The Label Edition brings Alterity: its FW23/24 collection that encapsulates the essence of elegance as a way of understanding fashion. Therefore, Alterity comes in with several looks in elegant and essential colors, such as black, petrol blue, red, and white. The challenge of this new proposal is how and with what attitude you give life to the garments. By all means, to enhance the alterity of each one and explore our most masculine yet feminine version.

Without losing sight of the brand’s DNA, volumes continue to be seen in the garments as a whole. However, this time in a more subtle way. On this occasion, it’s the structure of the pieces that seek to highlight the feminine silhouette and enhance a rather suggestive sensuality.

Tailoring patterns go from the outer garments, through pants and blouses, to the dresses. The garments of this new collection have a more sophisticated touch, along with versatility. Equally important, joy, positivity, and vitality are also part of the brand’s core values. This is why The Label Edition brings different light touches, reflected in brighter colors, to counterbalance the duller ones.

Meanwhile, the brand remains committed to its philosophy and values, by introducing more organic materials in the tailoring process. A versatile closet with timeless and durable garments is what we propose for our inner self to explore each and every one of its versions.

Habey Club: Mayo

The final day of Barcelona Fashion Week brought us Habey Club’s Mayo, or “May.” As a matter of fact, it is a story of beginnings, vital rethinking, and purposes of those that are fulfilled (or not). It is a story of changing habits, but nonetheless, a love story. And as in all beginnings, nerves, and vertigo take center stage.

At first, Habey Club speaks about the uncertainty that the unknown generates. It becomes evident through broken and deformed hearts or prints that simulate the sensation of peering into an endless frontage.

As a symbol of the fifth month of the year, the brand brings the symbolism of drying clothes outside. Consequently, the symbolism can be seen through pleats with clips on the shoulders and straps worn out after hours on the clothesline or through drop-shaped necklines.

Since it is the beginning, Habey Club gives more ground to sustainability by introducing engraved textures on recycled denim. In addition to continuing the trail of transparent fabrics (chiffon and knit) and colors (red or beige), these features give continuity to silhouettes and chromatic fillings.

Bielo_Oscarleon: The Travelers

Bielo_Oscarleon brings The Travelers to the final day of Barcelona Fashion Week. “Everyone is on a journey, traveling through life with different starting points and aspiring end destinations. The traveler is well aware that the in-between journey from start to end is the most important. It is the memories and the artifacts collected and the friendships and relationships experienced along the way that is the most valuable. So book a ticket, pack a suitcase, take a train ride and go on an adventure through the wilderness embracing the nomadic lifestyle and see where it takes you! What do you take on your trip and how do you plan to get there? ”

Eñaut: Estertor

Eñaut introduces its ninth collection during the final day of Barcelona Fashion Week. Breathing becomes harder and harder for us, and Eñaut even believes it could be our death rattle. Looking up, all we see are holes and darkness.

Guillermina Baeza: Santa Monica

The feeling of spaciousness and freedom found on the iconic California coast is beautifully captured in Guillermina Baeza’s Santa Monica collection. The swimsuits and bikinis offer maximum comfort for surfing the waves, exploring trails, and embracing the California wellness lifestyle.

The explosion of sorbet colors like lime, oranges, and vibrant pink conveys the exuberant joy of living in this unique enclave. Craftsmanship inspired by Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades is reflected in micro prints adorned with golden pigments and velvet textures. The more sophisticated yet equally vibrant pieces combine lycra and micro-mesh in sublime grays, warm browns, blue-green hues, violets, and magentas.

They are complemented by elastic dresses with cut-outs, jumpsuits that allow complete freedom of movement, cropped tops, micro shorts, and skirts. It’s a statement of California’s open-minded, pacifist mentality with positive vibes and effervescent joy.

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